Philippe and Eli Van Audenhove trip report

From the 3rd to the 11th of September 2005

Saturday 03/09
Machico river mouth:
Common waxbill: 30+

Sunday 04/09
Seawatch Porto Moniz from the Hotel balcony:
Bulwer's petrel: 1 (7.30h)
Manx's shearwater: 100+
Cory's shearwater: 1.000's
Arctic tern together with commons: 1 ad. Summer
Whimbrel: 1

Start of levada de Ribeira de Janela (14.00h-14.30h):
Trocaz pigeon: 3
Madeira firecrest
Plain swift

Ponta do Pargo lighthouse:
Sparrowhawk: 1
Berteloth's pipit
Rock sparrow: 15+
Plain swift

Lugar de Baixo:
Ringed plover : 1
Whimbrel: 3
Plain swift

Evening trip to Pico de Areeiro for Zino's Petrel with Madeira Wind Birds (Catarina Fagundes):

Zino's petrel: seen several with nightvision, but unfortunately they were silent…

Monday 05/09

Seawatch Porto Moniz from the Hotel balcony:
Sooty shearwater: 3 (between 10.10h and 11.15)
Pomarine skua: 2 ad light morph
Arctic skua: 5
Long tailed skua: 1 dark morph passing very close, just behind the natural swimming pools
Great shearwater: 5

Ribeira de Janela river mouth:
Roseate tern : 6 on the rock together with 4 common terns

Evening trip in a sailing boat (18.30-21.00h):
Bulwer's petrel: 50+
Fea's/zino's petrel: 2
Little shearwater: 1 close to the boat

Pilot whale: 5-10 very close to the boat

Tuesday 06/09

Levada de Ribeira de Janela:
Trocaz pigeon : 5
Madeira firecrest
Plain swift

Seawatch Porto Moniz from the Hotel balcony (15.00-19.00):
Great shearwater: 30+
Manx shearwater: 100+
Cory's shearwater: 500+
Arctic tern: 1 ad. Summer
Great skua: 1
Arctic skua: 6

Wednesday 07/09

Ponta do Pargo lighthouse:
Alpine swift: 1 together with lots of plain swift
Lesser black-backed gull: 1ad.
Linnet: 1
Rock sparrow

Seawatch Porto Moniz from the Hotel balcony:
Bulwer's petrel: 60+
Great shearwater: 3
Manx shearwater: 50+
Sooty shearwater: 1 (17.45h)
Roseate tern: 1 (13.55h)
Arctic skua: 4

Thursday 08/09

Rabaçal waterfall:
Trocaz pigeon: 10+
Madeira firecrest

Ponta do Pargo:
Spectacled warbler: 2

Seawatch Porto Moniz from the Hotel balcony:
Manx shearwater: 200+
Bulwer's petrel: 5
Fea's/Zino's petrel: 2 (1 at 15.40 and 1 at 16.20)
Arctic skua: 6

Friday 09/09

Day trip to Desertas:
Cory's shearwater: 100's
Bulwer's petrel: 50+
Fea's petrel: 2 with photo's, the first one sitting and flying, both of them very close to the boat

Spotted dolphin: 30+
Fin whale: 4
Bright whale: 1
Flying fish: 1

Saturday 10/09

Seawatch Porto Moniz from the Hotel balcony:
Manx shearwater: 100's
Cory's shearwater
Bulwer's petrel: 14
Great shearwater: 50+
Fea's/Zino's petrel: 1 (11.35h)
Little shearwater: 1 (18.09h) close!
Sooty shearwater: 1 (19.15h)

Bottle nosed dolphin: 10+
Some whales far away

Edited by Hugo Romano Hugo Romano

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