Wood Duck - another first record for Madeira by Wind Birds

Wood Duck
Wood Duck Aix sponsa

Female Wood Duck
Female Wood Duck

Hugo Romano, as tour leader of Madeira Wind Birds, together with birdwatchers/customers on a full-day birdwatching tour observed the first record for Madeira of a Wood Duck, a female!

Today, the 27th of October 2009, on Ribeira da Janela, a female Wood Duck Aix sponsa was observed and photographed by Hugo together with four UK birdwatchers. This is another North American bird which landed at the same spot as the long-staying (since February 2007) Green-winged Teal. An Eurasian Teal has also been there for almost a year, together with the resident Muskovy Ducks and some Mallards.

The female Wood Duck, unlike the other ducks at the pond which are used to people feeding them, was scared of people and flew a bit further whenever someone got close to it. The Green-winged teal when arrived in 2007 was also afraid of people but now it is used to be fed by humans.

Other interesting records of this birdwatching day were:
At Ponta do Pargo
2 Whinchat
1 Whimbrel

On the 28th of October 2009 on the ferry trip from Funchal to Porto Santo Martiño Nercellas from Galiza, Spain, has observed between some Cory's Shearwaters a Great Skua Stercorarius skua = Catharacta skua.

Also at Ponta do Pargo the following vagrants were recorded earlier this month:
13th October 2009
1 Meadow Pipit

10th October 2009
1 Hoopoe
1 Peregrine Falcon

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