Rough ocean but a good show of petrels - 10th-12th August 2021

A pelagic with two days of rough oceanic conditions... The first day the wind was two low to blow the chum smell distant enough to attract seabirds. The second day was perfect but the third day, while the forecasts were just about the same as on the previous day, the waves rose like walls and some broke against the boat, making us all wet. Quite rough! As usual, Cory's shearwater Calonectris borealis and Bulwer's petrel Bulweria bulwerii were around everyday.

10th of August 2021 - NNW wind that did not blow more than 6 knots and a large swell from the North up to 2 meters
2 Fea's Petrel Pterodroma feae/deserta
2 Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea
Probable Madeiran Storm Petrel Oceanodroma castro - flew too far for a positive ID

Curvier’s beaked whale Ziphius cavirostris - a female breaching
Common Bottlenose Dolphins Tursiops truncatus

11th of August 2021 - NE wind up to 13 knots and waves from same direction up to 1 meter
2 Pterodroma sp. on the way to the chum
Common Tern Sterna hirundo
Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus - flew distant from the chum slick
5 Fea's Petrel Pterodroma feae/deserta
Wilson's Storm-petrel Oceanites oceanicus
Madeiran Storm Petrel Oceanodroma castro - 1 bird flew by a bit distant from the slick, not allowing everyone to see it
Zino's Petrel Pterodroma madeira - same bird came 3 times to the chum slick to be very well observed
4 Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis

Baleen whale
Blue shark Prionace glauca

12th of August 2021 - NE wind up to 13 knots and waves from same quadrant up to 1 meter
2 Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus
4 Fea's Petrel Pterodroma feae/deserta
Common Tern Sterna hirundo
Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis

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