Summer visitants in Madeira

29th July 2009 at Caniçal
1 Curlew

20th July 2009 at Ponta do Pargo
1 Peregrine Falcon
1 Long-legged Buzzard
15 Hammer-head sharks seen from the lighthouse

18th July 2009 at Machico
Squacco Heron - observed by Andrew Jayne, Martin McGill, Jeremy Squire, Chris Stone

Madeira Wind Birds sightings, together with a Birdfinders group, here is the list of special birds & cetaceans
13th July 2009 at São Jorge
1 Little Egret
Bottlenose dolphins
Sperm whales
Atlantic Spotted dolphins

11th July 2009 at Ponta do Pargo
2 Grey Herons

at Ribeira da Janela
1 Green-wing Teal
1 Common Teal

Turtle Dove

10th July 2009 at Ponta de São Lourenço
1 House Martin
6 Collared Doves

9th July 2009 at Garajau
1 Peregrine falcon - juvenile
1 Little Egret

8th July 2009 on a Desertas trip
Bottlenose dolphins
Sperm whales
1 Sooty Shearwater
Fea's petrels

7th July 2009 at Machico
3 Alpine swifts

Sea trip around Funchal bay
Bulwer's petrel
Cory's shearwater
1 Bryde's whale
Atlantic Spotted dolphins
Striped dolphins

Porto da Cruz
1 Squacco Heron

7th July 2009 at Porto Moniz
Hudsonian Whimbrel - observed by Keith Moir which described his sighting:
"The bird was seen at Porto Moniz at about 14.45 on July 7 when it was apparently flushed from near one of the rock pools opposite Mole. It flew up calling and landed on rocks at the base of the island where I was able to scope it very briefly and saw the head pattern and relatively short bill. I had, of course, already seen the diagnostic concolorous rump as the bird flew. The bird quickly walked out of sight behind the rocks and was impossible to relocate despite an hour or more's searching. There was no sign when I revisited some days later."

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