Ponta do Pargo still get some birds

Madeira Wind Birds changed the full-day birdwatching tour itinerary due to the devastation made in Ponta do Pargo for the construction of a golf course. This way we did not have news from this lost IBA for some time until Heikki Vasamies, from Finland sent us an e-mail, which we thank, with his records from the 15th November 2010:

Black Redstart 1 ex (1 cy (male), with prominent whitish wing panel)
Northern Wheatear 1 ex leucorhoa
Meadow Pipit 12-15 ex
Skylark 2 ex

Most of the birds on and next to the big piles of stones.

What is the construction work carried out there aiming at? I think they've ruined the place...."

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