Birdwatching in Madeira - May 2022

May is a good month for birdwatching everywhere in the world! It's peak Spring and birds are active, either cleaning their nests or displaying or, (in Madeira at least) already feeding their young ones! But it is also a good time for migration!

16th of May 2022 at Caniçal
Red-rumped Swallow Cecropis daurica
5 Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica

9th of May 2022 at Calheta
Western Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava flava

7th of May 2022 at Caniçal
Black Kite Milvus migrans
Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus phaeopus

3rd of May 2022 at Faial - Found by Rachel (IRE)
Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularius

2nd of May 2022 at Caniçal
Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus phaeopus
3 Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres

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