The story of Matilde - a Madeiran-Storm Petrel

This is 'Matilde' a Madeiran-Storm Petrel chick which was found in the City Hall square in Porto Santo Island on the 29th of February 2008 by Manolo. Manolo is passionate by animals and as it was on the ground where someone could crash it easily, he took it home, fed it with fish and named it Matilde. When Manolo came to Madeira he brought Matilde with him and kept feeding it. Matilde was 45 grams and was ringed with ring number D 007336 on the 7th of March. On the 9th it was released on a beach at night with no lights nearby.

It seems Madeiran-Storm Petrel chicks from the winter breeding colony are just getting out of their nests! Just on the same week there was another chick found on a hotel in Funchal downtown and delivered to Dr Zino. This was 50 grams and was ringed with ring number D 007335. It was released on Friday, the 7th of March.

Both Madeiran-Storm Petrels flew well over the sea and now we just hope to hear something back from Matilde and its cousin!

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