I International Congress "Birds of the Atlantic"

Madeira Wind Birds sponsored the I International Congress Birds of the Atlantic which occurred between 29th October and 1st November in São Vicente village, in Madeira Island.

During these days several specialists discussed the seabirds status, their threats and tracking methodologies. From all the congressists we emphasise the presence of
Mark Bolton and Norman Ratcliffe from RSPB, Fábio Olmos from Birdlife Brazil and Richard Phillips from British Antartic Survey.

One of our guides, João Nunes, took this chance to promote birdwatching, through a presentation about the ornithological tourism in the conservation and monitoring of the bird populations in the archipelago of Madeira.

Associated to this event Madeira Wind Birds organized a field trip, where the participants could ally a walk with birdwatching. The route chosen was the central massif; between Pico do Areeiro and the highest peak, Pico Ruivo, due to the beauty of landscape and the area where Zino’s petrel breed.
Arriving to Achada do Teixeira everyone could have a rest and a great lunch with traditional soups, home bread and fruit.

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