3rd year Eurasian Coots are breeding in Madeira and Porto Santo

Once again Eurasian Coots Fulica atra have been successfully breeding in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands, making it the 3rd year in a row of successful breeding.
The first breeding records date from May 17th, 2009 for Madeira (Lugar de Baixo pond) and May 21st, 2009 Porto Santo (Golf course ponds).
In 2010 Eurasian Coots have bred in Lugar de Baixo, Madeira and in Tanque pond, Porto Santo.

Photo taken on the 19th April 2011 at Lugar de Baixo pond

As for this year the chicks were detected earlier than in previous years, April 19 for Madeira (2 chicks) and April 16 for Porto Santo (4 chicks).

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