4th January 2006 - Full-day

John Walker & Janice Davies (UK), Catarina Fagundes and Roberto Ramos (Madeira Wind Birds)

Unfortunately it was not the best day to go birdwatching, as the weather conditions were not favorable. But we did see some interesting species:

Seixal - 1 Buzzard, many Canaries, some Chaffinches and a Kestrel

Porto Moniz - 3 Firecrests, 3 Buzzards, 2 Chaffinches, 4 Gulls (probably Yellow-legged) and 2 Trocaz Pigeons on the way to Ponta do Pargo

Ponta do Pargo - 1 Grey Heron flying, about 4 Kestrels and many Canaries

Lugar de Baixo - 2 Little Egrets, 1 Sandpiper, at least 3 Moorhens, about 35 Coots, some Yellow-legged Gulls, some Rock doves, some Muscovy Ducks and 2 Mallards

Cabo Girão - many Plain Swifts

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