1st Zino's Petrels Pelagic Expedition of 2011

Pterodroma madeira

The first 2011 Zino's Petrels' Pelagic Expedition was another success though Fea's Petrel was not seen...Which make us wonder that this year they are arriving later to Madeira...

18th May 2011
6 Zino's petrels - 5 flying close to the chum and 1 on the way back
Several Manx and Cory's shearwaters
Bulwers Petrels
3 White-faced storm-petrels
1 far away Madeiran storm-petrel

Bottlenose dolphins

Pelagodroma marina, Madeira19th May 2011
Several Cory's and Manx shearwaters
Many Bulwer's Petrels
1 Wilson storm-petrel
1 Zino's Petrel
3 Sabine's Gulls - 1 stood around the chum for some time
1 Madeira storm-petrel

Common dolphins
1 Loggerhead turtle

Sabine's gull, Madeira20th May 2011
1 Zino's Petrel flying over the chum and close to the boat
Many Manx and Cory's shearwaters
Several Bulwer's petrels
1 White-faced Storm-petrel
1 Wilson Storm-petrel
1 European Storm-petrel
At least 5 Madeiran-storm petrels at the same time around the chum

Bulwer's Petrel, Madeira

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