19th August 2005

Lars Antonsson, Hakan Sandin, Marie & Hakan Olsson, Yngve & Solveig Elfving, Stina Gronberg, Anita Ericson and Klaus Olsen (Sweden) T芒nia Pestana and S贸nia Jesus (Madeira Wind Birds)

It was a full moon night, so clear that we could easily walk without the light of the lanterns. It was foggy, there was some wind and a bit of rain, certainly not the best weather conditions to hear or see Zino's petrels. However after tea time they started calling far way.

The wind, unusually friendly, gaves us a hand and took the clouds away so the sound became closer and clearer. There was a bird passing so near above our heads that we could perfectly see its dark siluete. We heard many calls and saw many Zinos flying arround during about one hour, it was amazing!

On the way down we saw a Buzzard chick sitting on the road.

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