Geranium bronze Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898

Superfamily: Papilionoidea Family: Lycaenidae Status: Unconfirmed Record


A very small butterfly with a prominent tail. Its uppersides are dark chocolate-brown with white margins and undersides are brownish with thin, undulated, white stripes and a larger, postdiscal, brownish line.

Cacyreus marshalli Caterpillars

It is a long pale green larva enhanced with red markings.

Host & Food Plants

It has been introduced to several countries in Europe together with cultivated Pelargonium - the only food plant of its larva (Haahtela et al, 2011). It also feeds on Geranium species. (Tolman & Lewington, 2009)

Habitat & behaviour

It may be found in different habitats, from hot, dry, flowery places to cultivated areas though usually near to its feeding plants: wild or cultivated Pelargonium and Geranium species.

Distribution in Atlantic Islands of Macaronesia:

Species given for Madeira and Canary Islands (Aguiar & Karsholt, 2006)


Regional status according to Aguiar & Karsholt, 2006: A single larva of this species was found in Funchal on a potted Pelargonium zonale (Geraniaceae) which was bought from an importer in Santo da Serra. Until further specimens are collected on the island, the authors considered it an accidentally imported species
Status according to the European Red List of Butterflies, 2010: Not Applicable (species of marginal occurrence or introduced to Europe after AD 1500).

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